Prorustica is at the forefront of private sector growth in agribusiness and rural development. We work with leading private sector organizations, international foundations and development partners.

Together, we recognize that new and innovative approaches to development can advance and expand rural enterprise and address some of the most pressing issues of the 21st Century.

Commodity-based Partnerships

Working at the interface between public and private institutions, Prorustica provides strategic guidance to the development of joint business and social development initiatives.

The company helps clients identify opportunities and build effective commodity value chain partnerships.

Prorustica has worked successfully with agribusiness companies, multi and bilateral development agencies, and financial institutions. Activities focus on a unique but tested method of value chain assessment. This is used as a tool for effective collaboration and coordination of public and private resources.

Agribusiness Investment

Prorustica is built on an understanding of the vital role finance plays in private sector advancement and rural development.

Most recently, Prorustica has focused on:

  • identifying investment opportunities for agribusiness
  • building business cases
  • designing credit guarantee facilities for out-grower programs
  • offering institutional and capacity building support to financial institutions
  • using value chain assessment as a tool to develop “commodity investment plans” and implement agri-based partnerships

Agribusiness Mapping

As one of the leading architects in the creation and deployment of agribusiness platforms around specific value chains, Prorustica has worked with a wide variety of local and international private sector agribusinesses, governments, civil society and donor partners.

The organisations with whom we work are at the forefront of sustainable agribusiness investments in Africa. We work with them to create long term “investment roadmaps” that help to coordinate and guide their organisations in the longer term development of agriculture.

We use  our deep understanding of agribusiness complemented with proven technology to visualise and profile specific investment areas and help “crowd-in” investment to create economies of scale.

Our Expertise

Prorustica provides technical support in four critical development areas:

Strategic Advisory

We help a wide range of organizations involved in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop strategies that will enable them to attract and implement agribusiness investment.

We work with governments, development partners and agribusiness, guiding them through the conception, design, and deployment of value chain investments.

Finance and Investment

We understand the needs of commercial agribusiness and the risks in early-stage development. We help organisations develop their business plans and locate the right types of finance.

We also design new financial facilities tailored to agricultural start-ups.

Farmer support

We work with agribusinesses creating new inclusive business models around specific commodity value chains. We believe in strong farmer organisations that take advantage of economies of scale and provide smallholders with access to relevant information, inputs and finance, and viable links to markets.

We also work with farmers themselves providing  financial training to enable them to  understand how specific decisions have an impact of their cashflows and labour needs – empowering farmers to make better more informed investment decisions.

Programme Execution

We provide support in the implementation of value chain investment programs. Through workshops or training, the aim is to provide the necessary knowledge and tools to attract relevant agribusiness investments.

Prorustica serves Sub-Saharan Africa.

We have worked extensively in the following countries










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